Your 4 powers in the corporate world


The corporate world can be very challenging. We meet different types of people in every organization we work with. Some people lead us to success by their knowledge & while some try to put us down. But this does not mean that you are always dependent on others, there are few things which all must know in order to succeed. Our 4 powers in the corporate world. Using these 4 powers, not only we can achieve what we intend to do but we can be a true leader in the future. Let’s begin:


Intellectual power

This is also called the power of knowledge. We all know that power is our biggest tool. The greatest commodity in the future is going to be “knowledge“. All the companies who are topping the lists are led by the most intellectual or knowledgeable people of the world. The richest man in the world, Bill Gates, runs a technological company which is totally a knowledge-based industry.

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Man Power

Men are the assets of the organization. A company is nothing without the people working in it. However, there are 2 kinds of manpower, internal & external. Internal manpower is the employees, shareholders of the company while external manpower is the vendors & customers. We have to take care of both internal & external manpower in order to be successful in the corporate world.

Financial Power

Financial success ensures the progress of an organization. A sound balance sheet is a parameter on which employees, shareholders, and stakeholders continue to give their support to the company. To be financially successful is very essential. It gives a lot of courage to the company to not only share its profits but also in reinvesting in research & development.

Power of enthusiasm & moral

This is the most important factor of all. A leader who is charged with enthusiasm & a high level of morale can create the other three factors. Research has proved that the most productive organizations are the ones that create a very high energy level. Boosting the confidence of your people, associates or employees not only motivates them to do well but to go an extra mile for the company.


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These are your 4 powers in the corporate world. I hope that you find these things interesting & useful. You may share your thoughts in the comments section.

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