Why hardships are important?

Remember when you picked up that bicycle for the first time and started to learn? You fell, fell again & again & again & again. But you did not give up & kept going.


If you are here, the chances are that you have seen or probably going through some hardships in your life. Everyone goes through the hardships and there is no shame in accepting. It takes a lot of courage in expressing that just hiding but most of us have it all backward.

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Consider that Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison before he became the first democratically elected president in South Africa. Abraham Lincoln failed in business, had a nervous breakdown, and was defeated eight times in elections before becoming president. A boy born to a teenage alcoholic prostitute and an absentee father found himself in trouble throughout his childhood, eventually growing up to be Charles Manson.

These people have proved that no matter what, you can overcome hardships and succeed in life. But how? This is why I am here, to guide you. While I am writing this, I can proudly say that hardships lead to greatness. You just have to use them in a way no one else is using. My father used to beat my ass a lot when I was a kid. He never hugged me, he never asked how am I doing professionally or personally.


He “still” just needs a reason to abuse me, thrash me or just talk shit about me. Do I feel bad? Hell yeah, I feel bad. When I see other kids talking to their fathers, my heart feels pain every time. But, can I do something about this? No. I have tried countless times to change his heart, I have taken initiatives so that he can be proud of me, I even have a tattoo which says “Dad, I’ll make you proud”. And I know in my heart I will, no matter he puts his hand on my head or not.

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My past with my father is not going to define my future. Hardships are like that. We just have to find a way to keep them aside, so that they do not affect the world-class mindset you have achieved in order to be successful. This is very easy to get distracted while you are being focussed. Right now when I am writing this, my back is paining because I am sitting on my bed instead of the chair. But if I give that pain the advantage by stop writing and changing my seat, I might lose this moment when I know that every word is coming straight outta my heart. Headships are important, as important as you breathe.

Remember when you picked up that bicycle for the first time and started to learn? You fell, fell again & again & again & again. But you did not give up & kept going. With great determination, persistence & practice, now you can ride that bicycle anytime you want. I haven’t paddled for years but I know next time I am going to sit on that bicycle, I am not going to fall. My hardships when I was learning to ride it have given me a skill which will be with me for the lifetime.

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So, once you have gone through those hardships, you know that things can not get worse. You have nothing to lose. There is only one way from here – and that is forward. This is the road of your glory, the success you have been dreaming of. So go ahead, get hurt, cry, bleed but do not give up. Because, when you give up, your hardships laugh at you and become even stronger.

This is why my friend, hardships are important. As important as you breathe.


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