Why do managers fail?

As a manager, you are not only responsible for the company goals but you are also a leader. Your team looks up to you, this is why they come to you when they face a problem.


There is a saying in the corporate world that people do not leave companies, they leave managers. This is pretty much true. I am sure you already have or working under someone who intimidates you & gets on your nerves. The manager or your boss is senior to you, he has more experience, has a better pay-check but still is a jerk. Why? There are 5 reasons why managers fail.

#1: They can’t keep personal & professional things apart.

I had a boss of mine in my previous company. He was a friend also. We used to go out drinking & on trips and did all kind of fun. However, whenever there was a work-related conflict, he would take that personally & his behavior used to change completely.

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He used to stop talking to me in the team about work or anything. Initially, I thought that maybe I overstepped but I saw that happening multiple times, I understood that he has issues keeping things at their places. There, he failed as a manager.

#2: Ego

Ego kills most of the relations. Be it work partners & life partners. As a manager you are not supposed to do everything on your own, you have been assigned to get the work done from your team.

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When someone is egoistic, this breaks the chain of communication, which eventually hampers the work. So, keep your ego outside when you step in your workplace.

#3: They listen to respond

This is a major issue which I feel all of us have. As a manager, I am sure you know more than everyone else, but there is no harm is listening to your associates patiently. We have 2 ears & 1 mouth, so that we can listen twice than we talk. However, this is reverse with a lot of people.

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As a manager you are not only responsible for the company goals but you are also a leader. Your team looks up to you, this is why they come to you when they face a problem. A good listener always gains trust more than anyone else. A manager is as good as his team. If your team does not trust you, you failed already.

#4: They procrastinate things

Procrastination is a real issue. Yes, as a manager you have to prioritize a certain things, but if you keep pushing the notebook all the times, you are going to lose.

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My previous boss was an assertive guy. He certainly is very good at what he does but he takes a lot of time is fixing things up. This was irritating as you can not be a snail on a highway.

#5: They are bosses not leaders

There is a huge difference between a boss & a leader. A boss manages their employees, while a leader inspires them to innovate, think creatively, and strive for perfection.

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Every team has a boss, but what people need is a leader who will help them achieve greatness. If you do not think about your team before you, that makes you a boss.

So these were 5 points which indicate why managers fail. You may reach back to us in the comments section or email us at [email protected] for any queries. Do leave a comment.

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