What is the motivation?


A lot of people misunderstand the concept of motivation & I do not blame them for this. This is not a science. It is like neutrons & protons. No one has seen them IRL but we all know that they exist.

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The term motivation is derived from the word “motive”. The word ‘motivation’ as a thing implies a goal, as an action word this word implies moving without hesitation. Hence, motives are powers which actuate individuals to act as it were, in order to guarantee the satisfaction of a specific human need at any given moment. Behind each human activity, there is a thought process.

It may be defined as a planned managerial process, which stimulates people to work to the best of their capabilities, by providing them with motives, which are based on their unfulfilled needs.

“Motivation means a process of stimulating people to action to accomplish desired goods.” —William G. Scott

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“Motivation is the process of attempting to influence others to do your will through the possibility of gain or reward.” — Flippo

It is, in fact, pressing the right button to get the desired human behavior.

Significance/Importance of Motivation:

Motivation is an integral part of the process of direction.

While directing his subordinate, a manager must create and sustain in them the desire to work for the specified objectives:

1. High Efficiency:

A good motivational system releases the immense untapped reservoirs of physical and mental capabilities. A number of studies have shown that motivation plays a crucial role in determining the level of performance. “Poorly motivated people can nullify the soundest organization,” said Allen.

By satisfying human needs it helps in increasing productivity. Better utilization of resources lowers the cost of operations. Motivation is always goal-directed. Therefore, the higher the level of motivation, the greater is the degree of goal accomplishment.

2. Better Image:

A firm that provides opportunities for financial and personal advancement has a better image in the employment market. People prefer to work for an enterprise because of the opportunity for development, and a sympathetic outlook. This helps in attracting qualified personnel and simplifies the staffing function.

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3. Facilitates Change:

Effective motivation helps to overcome resistance to change and a negative attitude on the part of employees like the restriction of output. Satisfied workers take interest in new organizational goals and are more receptive to changes that management wants to introduce in order to improve the efficiency of operations.

4. Human Relations:

Effective motivation creates job satisfaction which results in cordial relations between employers and employees. Industrial disputes, labor absenteeism, and turnover are reduced with consequent benefits. Motivation helps to solve the central problem of management, i.e., effective use of human resources. Without motivation, the workers may not put their best efforts and may seek satisfaction of their needs outside the organization.

The success of any organization depends upon the optimum utilization of resources. The utilization of physical resources depends upon the ability to work and the willingness to work of the employees. In practice, the ability is not the problem but necessary will to work is lacking. Motivation is the main tool for building such a will. It is for this reason that Rensis Likert said, “Motivation is the core of management.” It is the key to management in action.

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I hope this one helps you get an understanding of this outstanding phenomenon! As mentioned above, after getting to the right level of motivation, not only you can get to your goals, you may also push people in the right direction.

As someone said it best when he did “leave the world better than you found it”.

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