How to start loving your Cardio in 2019


Running, walking on the treadmill, jumping jack, cycling, elliptical trainer. Ring any bells? Yes, Cardio. The only thing which we want to do so bad but we don’t. Why? Because Cardios are boring. They don’t get us to growl like we do when we lift weights. They don’t give us the pump which we get after the exercise. This is hardcore hard work which makes us sweat.

I also used to hate cardio and trust me I still do. But this has become an important part of my workout schedule. Why? Because it gets me to burn calories. Slowly but with consistency, I burn a lot of calories in a month.

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I was not a fat kid. I was a little overweight and most of it was around my waist and I used to look fat from my stomach. No one can get into the same without doing enough cardio. This is as important as lifting weights in the gym. I used to hate running. Because it is a lot of hard work and I did not see much results upfront like I was used to of seeing while lifting weights.

So I thought to make cardio as interesting as watching a video. What? Did I just break this to you? Well, yes I did. Have you ever watched a video on the internet with your earphones on? I am sure you have. How is the experience when you are deep into the video of your favorite artist or someone you like to hear, that F.R.I.E.N.D.S. show, that film which you watched on phone. Yes, nothing else bothered you. The surroundings did not matter. That little back or neck pain also did not create any troubles.

This is what I made use of. I bought a good pair of BLUETOOTH headphones. I like headphones as I feel uncomfortable 2 if I use earphones for so long. I made sure that the sound is loud enough to overpower the gym’s speaker systems. I searched for Jay Shetty on YouTube and played a 15 minutes video. Now, the timing is very important. Because you are trying to love cardio. You can not just play a 40 minutes video and lose it in 10 because of lack of stamina.

So I chose 15 minutes as I anyways was able to do cardio for 5 minutes (I used to cry inside though). I started my elliptical trainer and placed the phone on the dashboard of the machine and played. I started feeling fain after 3 minutes and I would give up in the ideal scenario. But I had Jay Shetty with me. He was speaking wisdom and I was burning calories on that machine. And I was able to do it for 23 minutes in Day 1. Also, after completing my workout, I again used the same hack and did 6 minutes of Cardio.

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So the key is – distraction. In the ideal situation, the distraction is not good as we tend to lose focus. But, in my case, I did not need that much focus. If I was on the treadmill, I would probably tune something which I can hear not watch so that I do not fall on that machine and get injured.

This is the key. I found something which I love more to do what I love a little less. This thing worked for me. Thee days I do about 25-30 minutes of cardio every day in the gym. This has made me lose a lot of fat from my body.

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Do you want to know how much fat I lost in a month?

If I function on the elliptical trainer for 30 minutes, I will burn about 375 calories. In a week, I will burn 2250 calories – 6 days a week. This means 9000 calories in 4 weeks. As per fat calorie conversion, there are 9 calories in 1 gram of fat. So, 9000 calories = 1 kg of fat, which is 2.20 pounds.

Remember, this may seem low when you are trying to weight loss. But I am not talking about weight loss, I am talking about fat loss. There is a difference.

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This is how 1 pound of fat actually looks like. Imagine you have removed this from our body in a month. if you do this for 6 months, how much fat can you burn? And imagine the shape of your body after this. Feels good, right?

So, this is why you have to love your cardio. Cardio is not an enemy. It is your friend. A friend which will make you look like a Greek god if you train well, eat well & sleep well.

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