A Simple Weight Loss Diet in 2019


If you are reading this, I am sure you have googled a weight loss diet many times. And what do we get? We get more than a million results from across the world of course. But how do you know which one would work for you? We will help you with this today.

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I have a friend, who wanted to drop some inches around her waist. She was not overweight but She identified this early that she needs to lose weight before its too late. So, she consulted a dietician and instantly she was on a diet plan, which had fewer carbohydrates & more protein & fiber.

We used to workout together that time and with a little workout, she used to do, we all noticed a significant amount of change in her body. It was definitely because of the training as she was not a very hard working girl in the gym but she was very disciplined when it comes to her diet plan. And she did it. She taught me something with an example that what is important and at what level. So, this is how things rank when it comes to fitness pyramid.

  1. Diet
  2. Workout
  3. Sleep

But when we google all this, we get answers from the experts from across the world. We usually end up getting more confused that wise. This is true that we have to create a calorie deficit to initiate weight loss. But we have to boost our metabolism as well so that it burns for us when we are working at our desk in our office. So here it is.

Breakfast: (7 AM – 8 AM)

  • Cinnamon Green Tea with 1 full lemon (Boil a cup of water, put 1 tbsp Cinnamon powder, sliced lemon & stir once). Once boiled, pour this in the cup and add 2 bags of organic green tea. Why organic is because I drink tea right from the farms and not these processed ones.
  • Protein Shake (Add 1.5 Scoop of Whey Protein Isolate unflavoured in 500 ml water).

These 2 have to be separated by 10 minutes. First Tea __ Wait 10 Minutes __ Shake

Morning Snack (10:30 AM)

  • 1 Apple

Lunch (1:30 PM)

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Vegetable salad + 5 Egg Whites Boiled + Curd + Daal

  • You may adjust the quantity. Do not eat to fill your belly, eat just to push those cravings away.

Post Lunch Snack (4 PM)

  • Green Tea. You may not get a chance to add cinnamon if you are a working professional. But you must always add a lemon to your green tea. (2 bags + lemon)

Dinner (7 PM)

  • Vegetable Salad

There are some points you must take care of while following this diet else it won’t work.

  • Drink at least 3 liters of water throughout the day
  • Whenever you make green tea, use 2 bags in 1 cup
  • Do not eat anything after 7 pm.
  • We are dropping carbs & sugar completely and there are no cheat days in the beginning

For people who work out

  • Protein shake has to be taken twice a day, same quantity
  • Drink enough water to flush Uric Acid because of the protein intake
  • You may add boiled chicken with black pepper
  • Drink black coffee 30 minutes your workout
  • 30 minutes cardio

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Hate Cardio: Learn how to love it here.

This is a very simple fat loss formula. You can not just cut fat from your belly. Spot reduction is a myth. You have to cut fat from your entire body.

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If you have any questions or want a customized workout plan, write in comments and I will contact you. 

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