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My mom used to wake up at 5 am every day when I was a kid. She used to say that whatever you study in the morning, gets absorbed easily. I used to hate this and hated pretty much my entire life. I used to believe that I am more productive during the late night hours. I WAS WRONG.


Ever since I have started working, I have always thought about making more money. I have always been busy making plans, trying to figure out what’s wrong with the world. Why I have had less opportunities than the people I know? Why I am travelling on public transport while many of my friends have bought their cars? Why I look older than I really am? Why other people are getting promoted while I am still in the same chair?

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There were a lot of whys whenever I ever thought about examining the situation. Actually, I was not examining anything, I was just blaming the system, my parents, my surroundings and all those factors which are not and will never be in my control. Not that I never knew this, it has always been on my sub-conscious but it never came up. Why?

Because I was busy being busy. I was not productive, I was busy. There is a difference. And the moment I understood this, I was clear in my head that why I am the way I am. I am sure a lot of people will relate to this and why wouldn’t they. The boat of struggling, unsuccessful people has more passengers than the yacht of the successful people. They are there because they deserve it? Well, if I exclude the people who have inherited all the money they have, the remaining lot had one thing in common. They never gave up, they stuck to what they wanted to do. Even if people laughed on their face, it did not matter to them.

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Those misfits possess 99% of the world’s money & the remaining 99% people have 1% of the world’s wealth. We are so addicted to the social acceptance that we with to get the results as per our wish while we live as per the wish of others.

I have never seen an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. or Game of Thrones. When people discuss this, and I know nothing about it, they say “What! are you kidding me? You haven’t seen friends? You have wasted your life man“. A lot of us will go back home, download every damn byte of this TV show from torrent and watch it. Why? Just to get social acceptance.

This is killing all of us & what all we aspire to do. This habit of wanting to be socially accepted is the reason why we are depressed & demotivated all the time. What would happen if you had never seen friends or GoT? Nothing. I am not saying that the show is shit. No, this is legendary. But the need to get the approval of everyone is “shit“.

I have seen people who will come back from work at 6, grab a beer and watch shit on their bis damn TV & complain every day, I have no time to start something new, to read that book, to walk the dog, to talk to my family. Are you freaking kidding me? If you have been following the same schedule each day and you have wasted 180 hour a month provided you sleep at 12. This is killing all of us & what all we aspire to do.

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The point of everything I am writing is that this is the time to get your mind right. Time to devote time to the things which will shape your life. If you just draw a 2-inch line in a notebook every day, by the end of the month the sheet of the page will be fully marked. It works the same for everything. So here are a few things which you need to do to get your mind right.

Get consistent

I am sure you used to play a sport when you were a kid and you were pretty good at it. Some of you must even have thought of making it your career. How do I know this? As I was no different? I thought to become a cricketer when I was a kid. Why? Because I was damn good at it. How did it happen? It happened because I used to play every day. After school, we would give 3-4 hours to the game every day. With time, I became bloody good at it. Everything else in life works the same way. If you do a thing every day, you tend to improve from day 2.

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Don’t believe me? have you ever thought why are you so good with this damn keyboard of the device you are using? Consistency. You have been using it for so long that some of you might even close your eyes and type. This is the power of the consistency. This is under-rated but this is how it is. if you want to excel at something, make sure that you devote some time of your day to that thing every day. Someday you might have more time and someday you will be able to devote less time but do not skip it. You will be amazed to notice the effects of the same.

Get your mornings right

My mom used to wake up at 5 am every day when I was a kid. She used to say that whatever you study in the morning, gets absorbed easily. I used to hate this and hated pretty much my entire life. I used to believe that I am more productive during the late night hours. I WAS WRONG. Terribly. Ever since I am waking up at 5 am I have that extra window of 4 hours. By the time everyone is awake, I have already shaped my entire day & done the most important tasks. 5-6 is called the golden hour of the day. Why? It is least polluted if we talk about the air quality. It’s quite. You are not bothered by everything that has happened in the day as the day has just started.

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When I used to write at night, I used to take a lot of time before settling on the chair. Sometimes, I would have a couple of drinks so that I could concentrate. But not in the mornings. All my energy & focus of already with me and I can use it whatever I want. This is why the morning sex is amazing as you are not thinking about anything else, just an example. So, once you have sorted your morning schedule, you will always reach out to get more out of the things.

Document things

I’m sure you’ve heard that if you want to achieve a goal, you need to write it down. I know it sounds a bit cliché, but it actually does work. So how does this work? Neuropsychologists have identified that writing helps you remember things. And you can only achieve something if you remember that. Does your boss keep a diary along and writes things even though he has a super efficient laptop. If you already have a laptop, why would you need to write things up?

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It is because it helps him remember things and that journal is one place where he has written all things he has to work on. So whenever he will open it, I am sure he does it daily, the chances are great that he will try to work on those things. This is why documentation is important. This is why school teachers used to give us homework, even though we have already studied the same thing at school. The psychology is the same, just the times have changed.

I know this is too much of download already today. So I will leave you today with these 3 things to think about. I will post in details about the above pointers so that you can use them to reach your goals. If you have any questions, you may write in the comments section & I will try to answer with best of my abilities.

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