Fuck Motivation, get back in shape?

Let me tell you – even the topmost athletes lose motivation to stick to their Nutrition & Workout Plan sometimes. They're humans too.


Do you keep missing gym sessions due to lack of motivation? Do you find lame excuses to destroy your diet and screw your own fitness progress?

Here, I am going to talk a little bit about human psychology and how you can kick the crutches of motivation and actually achieve the results you are looking for.

Motivation is of two kinds:

1. Extrinsic Motivation – Motivation to act in a certain way due to external rewards such as money, fame, marks, and praise. E.g. – Losing fat so you can impress the girl that you like. 

2. Intrinsic Motivation –

 Motivation to act in a certain way due to internal reasons. E.g. – Losing fat because you want to be fit and live longer.

If you’re losing fat because someone else wants it, you will lose motivation and go off-track soon. Apparently, our goal should be to shift our focus from Extrinsic Motivation to Intrinsic Motivation over time.

This will give meaning to your goal!

Get In Shape With These Basic Steps

Okay, you get it now. But how to keep that motivation up, throughout?

Let me tell you – even the topmost athletes lose motivation to stick to their Nutrition & Workout Plan sometimes. They’re humans too.

So what keeps them on the track? These things:

1. Structured Nutrition & Workout Plans:

If you have a structured Nutrition & Workout plan outlined and customized according to your lifestyle, the chances of you going off-track reduce 10x. Do you know why? Because you look forward to the exercises and meals planned for the day. This makes you stick to the plan. 

2. Meal Preparation For The Week: 

In continuation of the previous point, the preparation of the majority of the meals of the week will make you stick to the routine and minimize decision fatigue.

3. Fitness As A Lifestyle:

Make fitness, your workouts and eating accordingly, a part of your lifestyle. All of this should never be a burden to you. Instead, all of this should add meaning to your life. 

Get In Shape With These Basic Steps

4. Flexible & Realistic Plans: 

If your plans are flexible, realistic and don’t require you to eat salads all day, the chances of you to stick to your routine and keeping the motivated increase to a new level. You should indulge in your favorite foods moderately, whenever you want to.

Summary – Stop waiting for Motivation to come and kiss your feet. Instead, create a routine that you can stick to and be disciplined.

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