How to be progressive in life in 2019?

भूल होना प्रकृति है, ज्ञान होना संस्कृति, सुधार लेना प्रगति


Progressive means, “happening or developing gradually or in stages.” We all want to be there. We all want to grow. We all want to develop ourselves & our lives. Among several things which you can improve yourself on, there is one thing we all need to work on. Our mistakes. I am sure everyone used to make mistakes at school. I used to have that pencil which comes with the rubber at one and graphite at the other, I know you have used it.

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So, whenever I made a mistake, I would quickly turn my pencil upside down and erase it and would write again. Sounds familiar? I sure it does. Life is no different even today. We make mistakes every day & we feel sorry about that also. Sometimes you’d fight with your mother & felt sorry about that later, you may have judged your friend wrong & felt sorry about that later, you might have lost money in shares, gamble and felt sorry about that later. Life is full of such experience. But what makes us progressive that we

Not making any mistakes does not make us progressive, but accepting & improving it does.

भूल होना प्रकृति है, ज्ञान होना संस्कृति, सुधार लेना प्रगति

For my friends having trouble reading this, it says, “To make a mistake is a nature, to know about it is culture & to fix it is progress”. It is so fascinating that such a great message is hidden in this small sentence.

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So, it is okay if you made a mistake. Some mistakes can be corrected & some can’t. You can not fix them but you can still know about them. And the ones you can fix & be better makes you a progressive person.

Forgiveness is the virtue of people with disabilities and the jewel of the capable person. Forgive yourself. Learn from your mistakes & move forward.

Once you know this, you will always move forward. I am not saying you will not make mistakes but you will learn from them & probably will not make the same mistake twice. Do share it with your friends and family.

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