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Adidas Runners is a prominent name in the field of running & sports. We all want to get for but not a lot of us have that motivation & spirit to get out of bed & work for it. However, Adidas Runners is different. I joined Adidas Runners a while back & I was impressed on Day 1.

Our coach of the day Nivedita Samanta, the superwomen had me run and stretch. Instantly, the next week I was able to run a 5K. Not with the best time but I was able to complete it.

Running has an important space in our lives. Not only running helps us be fit but also it is a sport which teaches us a lot of things about living a better life.

Adidas Runners must be followed by all the running/fitness enthusiasts. This is not just a group, this is a family. We help us each other grow, with training. techniques of running hence help each other living a better life.

Do join the group here:

Adidas Runners Finance Monks
Adidas Runners Finance Monks

This is the calendar for the month.

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