7 reasons why you lose motivation in 2019

Not having a clear plan is the reason why I struggled for so many years in my early life. Right after school, I started trying one thing or the other. I usually followed successful people, without planning and understanding the whole thing.


People have complained many times that they lose motivation as soon as they switch off a motivational video. We all are pumped & boosted on 31 December & say that tomorrow I am going to start working out. I will drink less alcohol. I will do this, do that but as soon as this is January 1, our resolutions get pushed to the next dates and eventually it never happens.

People usually lose motivation to work out, exercise, work on their business, writing their blog and many other things. After intensive research and survey, we have figured 7 reasons why you lose motivation.

Not having a clear plan

Not having a clear plan is the reason why I struggled for so many years in my early life. Right after school, I started trying one thing or the other. I usually followed successful people, without planning and understanding the whole thing. No matter how much effort you put into something, till the time you do not have a clear plan, you will lose motivation one day.

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So always make timely or periodic goals. Once you have achieved one, pause, reflect and start working on the other one. For example, if you want to become an actor, break that big goal into small goals like getting into acting school, finding a mentor, grabbing small opportunities. As you accomplish each one of them one by one, you will not lose motivation while you cruise towards your dream.

Bad company

There are many kinds of people we hag out with. Not everyone has a similar mindset. I am not saying that you leave your friends and be lonely but spend more time with people who are a) better than you, b) have similar goals. My boss used to say that if you are the smartest guy in the room, you are in the wrong room. Always look to get better. People who discourage you may not be able to see the same picture as you see. As humans seek approval on everything, it is very easy to get demotivated when someone makes fun of you.

I recently paid $250 for my gym membership. Once I paid that, there are people who encouraged me but still there are few who think that I wasted money. The funny thing is that they have never been to the gym. They just throw opinions. A rocket scientist will not take advice from a farmer & vice versa. So, as soon as you become the smartest guy in the room, upgrade, change the room and seek better people.

Not having a support system

Like point 2, this has much to do with the people you have in your life. Everyone hits rock bottom in their lives. It is about getting up, dusting your clothes and start again.

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But this is not always possible to do all by yourself. People need a pep talk sometimes. Someone who believes in you and says, “It’s gonna work, just hang in there”. Having such people in life make it easy for you to get going.

All work no fun

Working in continuity without any reward can be frustrating. People need rewards for the jobs done well. People lose motivation after a week’s workout and dieting. You don’t have to be so hard on yourself. Reward yourself every now & then whenever you accomplish a goal. Remember, only after you accomplish a goal. If you are trying to lose weight, treat yourself with a good cheeseburger after you lose 5 kg, or go out drinking with friends but go easy.

Comparing yourself with others

I used to be a wedding photographer a few years ago. After a couple of years into it, I started comparing my wage to my mentor’s wage. Of course he used to earn many folds more than me, eventually, I lost motivation and left photography.

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We often compare ourselves with people but we do not see the amount of hard work they have put in before they reached where they are. The struggle, hard work is invisible. All people see if your success or failure. You are the hero of your own story, do not try to live someone else’s life.

Not seeing results

Well, you have been doing all that I wrote above, stayed motivated but you aren’t seeing any results. Well, it happens. Coca-cola sold only 12 bottles in their first year. Results come over time. If you are selling a product or building a business, it takes time before people start noticing your work. There was a story I wrote earlier about the bamboo trees, which took 5 years to grow 1 inch. Why? Because for the first 5 years, it builds its roots and once the roots were strong enough, it stood 100s feet tall in a matter of months.

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Always remember, for the water to overflow from the glass, you have to fill it first, which is gonna take time & effort.

Fear of failure

How many of you are scared of failure? At one point everyone is. And, fear is good, it motivates us to do better but never let this fear take over the entire scene. If the battle is lost in the head, it is lost outside too. Never be scared of failure, always believe that you can still work this out. Take risks, try new things. You will reach where you want to reach.

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Let me tell you a secret & I am not making this up. It took me 7 days to finish this post. Not because I did not have content but I was not motivated enough to write this up. So, I took a little break, went out with my friends, recharged my batteries and came back. Humans are not machines, & even machines need servicing after some time, we need the same.

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